Maxkey F22 SA ABS Double Shot Keycaps For Customized Keycap Set


Material: ABS plastic
Printing Method: Doubleshot and Topprint
Profile: SA Profile
Other: No Backlight Allow.
Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout on market
Amount: 148 keys



The Maxkey F22 SA ABS Double Shot Keycaps are a fantastic choice for customizing your keycap set. These keycaps feature the popular SA profile, known for its sculpted and comfortable shape, and are made from high-quality ABS plastic using a double-shot molding process.

Designed with attention to detail, the F22 keycap set showcases a unique theme inspired by the sleek and powerful F-22 Raptor fighter jet. The combination of dark gray and light gray colors, along with the distinct legends and icons, captures the essence of the aircraft and adds a touch of sophistication to your keyboard.

The double-shot molding technique ensures that the legends on the keycaps are permanently embedded in the plastic, providing long-lasting durability and preventing them from fading or wearing out over time. This allows for a crisp and vibrant appearance, even with heavy use.

With compatibility for most mechanical keyboards using MX switches, the Maxkey F22 SA ABS Double Shot Keycaps are easy to install and replace, allowing you to personalize your keyboard to suit your style and preferences.

Upgrade your keyboard and showcase your love for aviation with the Maxkey F22 SA ABS Double Shot Keycaps. Enjoy the comfortable SA profile typing experience while adding a unique and eye-catching aesthetic to your setup. Whether you’re a fan of aircraft or simply appreciate the sleek design, these keycaps are sure to elevate your typing experience.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black, Blue, Cyan, Grey, White


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