Moltres Pokemon keycap for Mechanical Keyboard


Material: Resin
Amount: 1 key
Size: 1u
Fits most mechanical keyboards



Get ready to add some fiery power to your keyboard setup with the Moltres Pokemon keycap for Mechanical Keyboard! Made from high-quality resin, this keycap is not only durable but also features a highly detailed design of Moltres, one of the legendary and powerful Pokemon characters.

The striking red and orange colors of Moltres will make your keyboard stand out and give it a bold and unique look. This keycap is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, making it a perfect fit for any mechanical keyboard.

Easy to install, simply remove your old keycap and replace it with this impressive Moltres keycap. Whether you’re a gamer, writer or just a fan of Moltres and Pokemon, this keycap is a must-have accessory for your keyboard setup.

In summary, the Moltres Pokemon keycap for Mechanical Keyboard is a powerful and impressive way to add a touch of Pokemon to your keyboard. It’s durable, easy to install and sure to make a statement every time you use it.


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