OSA Keycaps

OSA keycaps are a variety of custom keycaps, which are created by means of the OSA corporation, an organization dedicated to produce and manufacture protective equipment and protective devices. OSA keycaps are unique because they contain a self adhesive property which means that once the cap has been attached to an object it will not leave any space for anything to grip and once removed it will have an amazingly long shelf life. They feature an extremely high resistance to tear and wear due to their very tough adhesives and are also known to resist chemical actuation point changes.

OSA products are known for having an extremely long lifespan. It is considered by many to be the longest lasting and toughest keycap available. A typical OSA keycap will last up to two years or longer. It’s amazing just how far this organization’s protective technology can go. This means that when a company invests in OSA keycaps they are investing in equipment that will most likely outlive them and still work perfectly well after two years of constant use.

One of the best things about OSA caps is that they come in a large number of different varieties and colours. As an example, one of the most common varieties of OSA keycaps is one which is in the shape of an IP40 key, which is one of the industry’s most durable key ratings. The durability factor is a major factor behind the increased longevity of OSA products and their increased resistance to wear and tear. A keycap with a lifespan of four years or greater would be considered extremely long lasting by any standards. The higher the lifespan, the more often you’d be surprised at how much better your computer feels once you have added a keypad to it, particularly if you frequently work on your computer at high speeds or have sensitive information that needs to stay secure.

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