Aatrox – League of Legends Keycaps Cherry + OEM + XDA Profile


Profile: Cherry, XDA, OEM
Amount: 8 Keys
Material: PBT
The spells came in a lot option, please let us know if you want to change!



Introducing the Aatrox – League of Legends Keycaps Cherry + OEM + XDA Profile – a set of beautifully crafted keycaps that brings the world of League of Legends to your mechanical keyboard. This set compatible with Cherry, OEM, and XDA profiles. Each keycap is designed with the iconic Aatrox character, with its distinctive red and black color scheme and intricate details. Made from high-quality PBT material, each keycap is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and has a textured surface that provides a comfortable and responsive typing experience. The set includes a keycap puller for easy installation and customization. Whether you’re a League of Legends fan, a gamer, or simply looking to add some personality to your keyboard, this Keycap set is a must-have accessory that showcases your love for the popular game. Elevate your gaming experience and bring the power of Aatrox to your mechanical keyboard with this exquisite Keycap set.

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OEM, Cherry, XDA


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