Domikey Atlantis set for HHKB layout ABS keycaps

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-Matterial: ABS
-Printing Method: Doubleshot and Top print
-Profile: HHKB profile.
-Other: No backlight Allow.
-Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout.
-Amount: 66 pcs.



This Domikey Atlantis keycaps set made for HHKB layout. Keycap made from ABS plastic is molded 2 times (Double-shot) the most advanced currently. This molding creates the highest quality keycaps, with the text on the keys never blurring even when using sandpaper. 

Meant for the HHKB keyboard, this set can take your keyboard back to another era. Full of cream-colored alphas, beige modifiers, and orange accents, it’s retro with a bit of pop. The keycaps are compatible with Topre stems and clones. Made from doubleshot ABS plastic, the set comes with 66 keys.

Domikey-HHKB-keycaps-set-Layout Domikey-HHKB-keycaps-set-onkeyboard Domikey-HHKB-keycaps-set-Material Domikey-HHKB-keycaps-set-onkeyboard-01

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

Blue, Grey, Yellow

10 reviews for Domikey Atlantis set for HHKB layout ABS keycaps

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