Beauty Resin Koi Fish Artisan Custom keycap


-Matterial: Resin
-Printing Method: N/A
-Profile: N/A
-Other: No Backlight Allow.
-Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout on market
-Amount: 1 key



The key set is specially made for Koi enthusiasts and the color of the receiver. The value of keycaps is based on the granularity of each component that makes up it. It’s not about stamping, but they have to manually do all the steps to make such a unique and rare artisan product.

Each of which reflect value of art!!! And Coloring by Hand to add the agility to the Koi fish!! Resin plastic show off beauty of handmade.

Additional information


Enter key, Spacebar kit, Koi set 01, Control 1.25u, Enter and shift


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