Blue and White Pudding Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard


Amount: 130 keys (Keyboard NOT included)
Language: English
Profile: OEM
Material: PBT
Layout: ANSI
Suitable for 61/64/68/78/84/87/96/980/104 key mechanical keyboard



Blue and White Pudding Keycaps for mechanical keyboards are a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts. These keycaps feature a translucent white top and a blue translucent bottom, creating a unique and eye-catching two-tone effect when illuminated by backlighting. The translucent design allows for more light to shine through the keycaps, making them ideal for those who enjoy customizing the look of their keyboard. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, pudding keycaps are also known for their smooth texture and high-quality PBT material, which offers a durable and long-lasting typing experience.


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