Castle in the Sky Theme XDA Keycap Set for Mechanical Keyboard


Amount: 108 keys
Compatibility: Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. Compatible with ANSI Keyboard covering 61,64,68,75,84,87,96,980,104,108 layout. Incompatible with any layout contains a non-6.25u spacebar. Incompatible with some models from USCorsair, Razer, SteelSeries, Logitec, Coolermaster, etc.
Profile: XDA
Spacebar: 1 spacebars of 6.25u
Material: PBT
Printing: Full-sides dye sublimation
Backlit support: No
Opaque: Yes, good opaque quality.
Layout compatibility: ANSI.



Introducing the Castle in the Sky Theme XDA Keycap Set, the perfect way to bring a touch of enchantment and adventure to your mechanical keyboard. Made from high-quality PBT plastic material, these keycaps are durable and provide a comfortable typing experience. The keycaps feature a beautiful design inspired by the classic Studio Ghibli film Castle in the Sky, with images of the iconic Laputa Castle and characters such as Pazu and Sheeta. The XDA keycap profile offers a uniform and smooth feel across all keys, making it easy to type accurately and quickly. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or just looking for a unique and captivating keyboard accessory, this keycap set is sure to enhance your typing experience and bring a touch of magic to your setup. Upgrade your keyboard with the Castle in the Sky Theme XDA Keycap Set today and embark on a journey to the clouds.


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