Colorful Theme “DOTs” White Custom Keycaps Set For Mechanical Keyboard


Amount: 139 Keycaps + Keycap remover tool
Compatibility: Standard layout 61/64/68/75/84/87/96/980/100/104/108
Switch Type: MX
Profile: Cherry
Material: PBT
Printing Method: Dye-Sub
*Not completely compatible with Razer nor Corsair. Some keys won’t fit depending on the specific layout.
*Not compatible with Logitech and other mechanical keyboards where the switch is not MX type.



Introducing our Colorful Theme “DOTs” White Custom Keycaps Set for Mechanical Keyboard, a vibrant and visually captivating tribute that brings a burst of colors and energy to your fingertips. Immerse yourself in a world of dynamic patterns and lively designs with these meticulously crafted keycaps.

Each keycap in this set features lively and colorful “DOTs” artwork, capturing a playful array of dots in various shades and sizes. The combination of white base and colorful dots creates a visually striking and captivating keyboard setup that stands out from the ordinary.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with most mechanical keyboards, our “DOTs” White Custom Keycaps Set ensures a smooth fit into your keyboard layout. The smooth and durable surface guarantees comfortable and precise typing, enhancing your gaming and typing experiences.

Designed to withstand the demands of daily use, these keycaps are made from premium materials, preserving the captivating “DOTs” artwork for countless hours of gaming and typing.

Elevate your keyboard aesthetics and embrace the vibrant and dynamic world of “DOTs” with our Colorful Theme Keycaps Set. Whether you appreciate energetic and playful designs, seek to add a pop of color to your keyboard, or simply want to express your creativity, this set is sure to capture your imagination.

With each keystroke, immerse yourself in a world of colors, feeling the excitement and creativity that “DOTs” bring to your keyboard. Let our Colorful Theme “DOTs” White Custom Keycaps Set transport you to a realm of patterns, possibilities, and boundless inspiration.

Upgrade your mechanical keyboard and celebrate the captivating allure of colors with our keycap set. Embrace the playfulness and liveliness of “DOTs,” and let your keyboard become a canvas for your unique style and creativity. Immerse yourself fully in the world of colorful designs with our keycap set, designed for enthusiasts of vibrant aesthetics and expressive patterns alike!


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