ABS Keycaps Domikey Navi Seal Keycaps Set

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Matterial: ABS
Printing Method: Doubleshot and Top-print
Profile: SA profile.
Other: No backlight Allow
Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout



ABS Keycaps Domikey Navi Seal Keycaps Set

Domikey is new production for high-class keycaps, compare 1 vs. 1 with Maxkey production. This Domikey Dolch Keycaps bring new, strong breath to user with its perfection combination of black and green!

Beside doubleshot technology, Domikey set owned green and black color, which mixed make they look like powerful, but still keep delicate because of font-art.

With layout full keycaps, Domikey Dolch Green will compare with any model keyboard on Markets: 60%; TKL; 104 fullsize … make easily for choosing set fit with your own mech-key.


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

Black, Grey, Yellow


SA SEALs Base x1, SA SEALs Mod Plus x1, SA SEALs Numpad x1, SA SEALs Modifier x1, SA SEALs ISO x1, SA SEALs Alt Color, SA SEALs 6.5Ucx1, SA SEALs 7Uc x1, SA SEALs Razer 6U, SA SEALs Cherry 6U, SA SEALs 3Uc x1, SA SEALs 2.75Uc x1, SA SEALs 2.25Uc x1, SA SEALs 2Uc x1, SA SEALs All in One

5 reviews for ABS Keycaps Domikey Navi Seal Keycaps Set

  1. Kawano Tanyu

    nice keycaps

  2. Lluciano Marcos

    Product exactly as described. Arrived quickly to San Francisco, CA. Recommend!

  3. Debbie Tanner

    Прекрасные абс-даблшот капы. Приехали за 20 дней, не потерялись во время доставки.

  4. Coleen Dragon

    Excellent quality

  5. Wendi Raver

    very very fast shipping, came from order date in 16 days! ordered in the end of december. very very nice! Will try to find a keyboard for them.

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