Gateron Rainbow Switch Tester Plate Kelowna OEM profile


Material: Acrylcis – ABS Plastic
Printing Method: CNC cut
Profile: OEM Profile
Amount: 1 plate – 6 switchs



Introducing our Gateron Rainbow Switch Tester Plate in Kelowna OEM Profile, the perfect tool for exploring and testing different Gateron switch options for your mechanical keyboard.

The switch tester plate features a range of Gateron switches, each with a different color stem representing its unique characteristics. The rainbow of colors adds a vibrant touch to your testing experience, making it both visually appealing and informative.

Designed in the Kelowna OEM profile, the switch tester plate allows you to experience the specific keycap feel and sound associated with this profile. The OEM profile offers a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience, widely recognized and appreciated by keyboard enthusiasts.

By testing various Gateron switches on this plate, you can assess their tactile feedback, actuation force, and overall typing experience. It enables you to make an informed decision when selecting switches for your mechanical keyboard, ensuring that they align with your personal preferences and typing style.

Compact and portable, the switch tester plate is easy to carry and convenient to use. Whether you’re a keyboard enthusiast, gamer, or typist, this tool allows you to explore different Gateron switch options and make an educated choice for your keyboard build.

Upgrade your keyboard customization journey with our Gateron Rainbow Switch Tester Plate in Kelowna OEM Profile. Embrace the colorful variety and tactile experience of Gateron switches, and discover the perfect fit for your mechanical keyboard. Make informed decisions and elevate your typing experience with this versatile testing tool.


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