Inverted Cross Artisan Keycap for Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


Matterial: Resin

Printing Method: 3D SLA and Hand painted

Amount: 1 key

R4 size keycap (Escape keycap/Top row)

Fit Cherry MX



Inverted Cross Keycap for Cherry MX Keyboards.
Colourway: Splatterhouse
Hand painted custom artisan keycap, black base with bloodsplat and inverted crucifix / cross detailing
Each item is unique and hand painted but painted similarly to the images
SLA 3D printed in grey resin (SLA 3D printing has several advantages, including high precision and resolution, fast printing speed, ability to print complex details, a variety of material options, and smooth surface finish)
Perfect for replacement keys or hotkeys
Keycaps are printed and inspected to assure the perfect fit and finish
All key caps made and hand finished with love!


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