ISO Pudding White Rainbow Kanji / Hiragana Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard


For 100% KEYBOARDS Only
RGB lighting through the legends (NOT THROUGH KANJI)
6.25U Spacebar Layout
Compatible with any Cherry MX Style switches or equivalent other
Material: Double Shot PBT
Amount: 108 Keys
Profile: OEM
Just keycaps included, no keyboard



ISO Pudding White Rainbow Kanji/Hiragana Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard are a unique and stylish addition to any keyboard setup. The keycaps feature a white base with a translucent pudding layer on top, which creates a beautiful rainbow effect when combined with RGB lighting. The Kanji/Hiragana legends are a nod to Japanese language and culture, making these keycaps a great option for fans of anime, manga, or Japanese gaming. Additionally, these keycaps are compatible with most standard ISO layout keyboards, allowing for easy customization and a personalized touch to your typing experience.


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