Kelowna GL205 Lube Oils Synthenic for cherry, Gateron, Kaith, Akko switch


Quantity: 20g oil / 1 bottle.
Included brush.
Material: GL 205

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Introducing Kelowna GL205 Lube Oils Synthetic, specially formulated for Cherry, Gateron, Kaith, and Akko switches!

Achieve smooth and consistent keystrokes with our high-quality lube oils designed to optimize the performance of your mechanical keyboard switches. Kelowna GL205 offers a synthetic blend that ensures long-lasting lubrication, reducing friction and enhancing the overall typing experience.

Compatible with popular switch brands such as Cherry, Gateron, Kaith, and Akko, our lube oils provide a universal solution for keyboard enthusiasts and professionals seeking to improve the feel and sound of their switches. Whether you’re a gamer, a programmer, or a writer, the Kelowna GL205 is a must-have tool to enhance your typing precision and comfort.

Our synthetic lube oils are carefully formulated to strike the perfect balance between viscosity and smoothness. The lubricant adheres to the switch components, reducing key wobble and eliminating unwanted noise. Experience a satisfying typing experience that’s both quiet and responsive.

With the Kelowna GL205, application is a breeze. The precise dropper tip allows for easy and controlled lubrication, ensuring even distribution without the mess. Follow our comprehensive instructions for a hassle-free lubing process that guarantees optimal results.

Elevate your keyboard’s performance with Kelowna GL205 Lube Oils Synthetic. Unlock the full potential of your switches and enjoy smoother, quieter keystrokes. Whether you’re a keyboard enthusiast seeking the perfect typing experience or a professional aiming for optimal productivity, our lube oils are the ideal companion for your mechanical keyboard journey.

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GL105 20g, GL205 20g


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