Lube Switch oil for Cherry, Gateron, Akko,….switch

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Quantity: 10g oil / 1 bottle.
Included brush.
Material: GL105; GL 205;….

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Lube Switch oil for Cherry, Gateron, Akko,….switch made from Synthetic lubricant for the switch, friendly materials, no dust, easy to clean the switch. Suitable for many different types of switches. Gives a softer and smoother feel to the key travel. Increase the feel of your keys

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GL105, GL205 G0, GL 205 G00

5 reviews for Lube Switch oil for Cherry, Gateron, Akko,….switch

  1. Rosalie Robertson

    Đã có một vấn đề vì đã mua 2 bôi trơn các chỉ gửi 1, làm các Unboxing video Guys, đã nói chuyện với người bán (đáp ứng rất nhanh) đã phải trả 0,54 Cent để tạo ra một yêu cầu khác. Gửi cho Tôi Những khác lub đó là Mất Tích… Đề Nghị các cửa hàng!

  2. Debbie Tanner

    Rất đẹp

  3. Niam Mullins

    i was expecting a larger amount of lube the pot is absolutely tiny probably enough for 1 keyboard but owell looks like the real deal 🙂

  4. Ted Basye


  5. Susann Masson

    Came in very well packed in a card box, then plastic box, than zipper case. The product came pretty fast. Still need to test it out on gateron yellow switches.

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