Plate Switch Tester 48 Slot Acrylic CNC Method For Any Keycap Profile


Material: Acrylcis Plastic
Printing Method: CNC cut
Profile: Any Profile
Other: Backlight Allow.
Amount: 1 plate – 48 slot



Introducing our Plate Switch Tester, featuring 48 slots and made with precision using CNC machining on high-quality acrylic material, allowing you to test any keycap profile with ease.

Are you unsure which keycap profile is perfect for your mechanical keyboard? Our Plate Switch Tester provides a convenient solution to help you explore various keycap profiles and find the one that suits your preferences. With 48 slots available, you can test a wide range of profiles, including popular options such as SA, DSA, GMK, XDA, and more.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using CNC machining techniques, our Plate Switch Tester guarantees accuracy and consistency across all slots. The sturdy acrylic construction ensures durability while providing a clear view of the keycaps, allowing you to examine their shape, height, and overall feel.

The versatility of our Plate Switch Tester allows you to experiment with different keycap profiles, helping you discover the one that offers the perfect balance between comfort, aesthetics, and typing experience. Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or a programmer, finding the right keycap profile can significantly enhance your productivity and enjoyment.

Compact and lightweight, our Plate Switch Tester is portable, making it easy to bring along to meetups, workshops, or anywhere you want to showcase or compare keycap profiles. It’s an invaluable tool for keyboard enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals who want to fine-tune their mechanical keyboards to perfection.

Unlock the possibilities and find your ideal keycap profile with our Plate Switch Tester. Experience the difference that each profile brings and elevate your typing experience to new heights. Explore, compare, and discover your perfect keycap profile effortlessly with our high-quality and versatile tester.


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