WoW Illidan Design Resin Backlit Keycaps Handmade


Material: Resin plastic
Printing Method: 3D and Topprint
Profile: N/A
Other: No Backlight Allow.
Compatible: Keyboard with ANSI Layout on market
Amount: 1 key



The WoW Illidan Design Resin Backlit Keycaps are a remarkable and handcrafted addition to your mechanical keyboard. These keycaps feature a captivating design inspired by the iconic character Illidan Stormrage from the World of Warcraft universe.

Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, each keycap showcases the menacing and powerful visage of Illidan, capturing his fierce and enigmatic persona. The resin material allows for intricate details, bringing the character to life with vibrant colors and a glossy finish.

Designed specifically for backlit keyboards, these keycaps are crafted to allow the backlighting to shine through, enhancing the visual impact of Illidan’s design. The combination of the intricate design and the illuminated effect creates a truly immersive and eye-catching experience.

The keycaps are compatible with most standard MX switches, making them easy to install and replace on your keyboard. The resin construction ensures durability and a comfortable typing experience, making these keycaps both visually stunning and functional.

Whether you’re a devoted World of Warcraft player, a fan of the character Illidan Stormrage, or simply appreciate unique and handmade craftsmanship, the WoW Illidan Design Resin Backlit Keycaps are a perfect choice. Transform your keyboard into a tribute to the Warcraft universe and immerse yourself in the world of Azeroth with every keystroke.

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Black, Green, Purple


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