Lube Toolkit Brush Switch Puller Stem Picker Holder For Cherry, Kailh Box, Gateron,…


Material: Plastic, metal.
Color: Black
Profile: Any Profile
Other: Compatiable with many switch
Quantity:1 pack.



Introducing our Lube Toolkit, a comprehensive set of tools designed to assist you in the lubrication process of mechanical switches, including a brush, switch puller, stem picker, and holder. The toolkit is compatible with Cherry, Kailh Box, Gateron, and many other popular switch brands.

The brush included in the toolkit is ideal for applying lubricant evenly onto the switch components. Its soft bristles ensure gentle application while reaching the tight spaces within the switch housing.

The switch puller allows for effortless removal of switches from the keyboard. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and ensures that switches can be safely and easily extracted without damaging the surrounding components.

The stem picker tool aids in the precise application of lubricant to the stems of the switches. It allows you to conveniently access and lube each stem individually, enhancing the smoothness and performance of your switches.

The holder serves as a convenient storage solution for your switches during the lubrication process. It keeps the switches organized and easily accessible, reducing the risk of misplacing or losing any components.

With this Lube Toolkit, you can easily and effectively lubricate your mechanical switches, optimizing their performance and reducing friction and noise. Whether you’re a keyboard enthusiast, gamer, or typist, this toolkit is a valuable addition to your keyboard maintenance arsenal.

Upgrade your switch lubing process with our Lube Toolkit and achieve smoother, quieter, and more satisfying keystrokes. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of these purpose-designed tools, ensuring that your keyboard operates at its best.

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