Pokemon Wood Keyboard Wrist Rest.


Material: Wood, Resin

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If you already own a “Pokemon” keycap, this is the Wrist Rest tone-sur-tone you can’t ignore. Drawing techniques that create tree-covered mountains, winding rivers, and suspended clouds of smoke are applied to a larger space. Artisan uses specially shaped pieces of wood that are cut into flat slices before being painted.
Besides the keycap, Wrist Rest is also a State-of-the-art product line for resin artisans. To finish a Wrist Rest product, artisans must have a good understanding of the material properties, including the hardness and curvature of the wood, the shrinkage of the resin during cooling, and most importantly, control of clarity. transparency of resin color layers.
Unlike keycap, Wrist Rest products are all different. It is almost impossible to find two identical Wrist Rests due to the different nature of the wood panels in shape.
It is all those reasons that make each Wrist Rest special. It not only needs to look good, but it also has to feel comfortable, supporting the user’s hand for a long time – up to dozens of hours of continuous work without causing hand fatigue, so the surface of BreakWooden’s Wrist Rest is treated very carefully, creating a soft-glossy feel of both wood and epoxy.
Using the best paint color, covered under the high-grade anti-UV coating, the saturation of the Wrist Rest will be perfectly protected for a long time.
To ensure the best gloss and transparency, we use the finest resin to keep your vision unobstructed when seeing the details inside the wood and resin.

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30cm, 36cm, 44cm


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