Synthetic Crystal Wrist Rest


Materials: Synthetic crystal, K9 crystal

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Crystal wrist rest, super clear and refined.
Mohs hardness of 7 is durable and not easy to hurt. But it is very heavy, about 1KG, please use it with care. It may break down once dropped.
We use anti-fingerprint technology. It reduces fingerprints by 60% in daily use. However, it will gradually lose the anti-fingerprint function in daily life, which is determined by the usage rate.
60%: 30 x 8 cm
65%: 31.5 x 8 cm
68%: 32 x 8cm
75%: 33 x 8cm
TLK: 36 x 8 cm
Full size: 44 x 8 cm
It’s not flat, it has slopes. The default thickness is 15-17mm. Tilt 4 degrees. We provide different heights of clear rubber feet so you can freely adjust the height you like. Because it is handmade, there may be a 1-2mm error in size and height. That’s a very small error, I hope you can understanding.

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