Synthetic Rainbow Crystal Wrist Rest


Materials: Synthetic crystal, K9 crystal

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Synthetic Rainbow Crystal Wrist Rest

Its bottom is 3m rainbow color film. It will appear different colors depending on the light. Just like the colors of the rainbow.
It’s not the color of electroplating, you don’t have to worry about the color fading caused by electroplating due to daily use. It does not fade and is very stubborn.
Crystal wrist rest, super clear and refined. 20% transparency.
Mohs hardness of 7 is durable and not easy to hurt. But it is very heavy, about 1KG, please use it with care. It may break down once dropped.
We use anti-fingerprint technology. It reduces fingerprints by 60% in daily use. However, it will gradually lose the anti-fingerprint function in daily life, which is determined by the usage rate. If you need it, you can buy anti-fingerprint liquid in our other listings.

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